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    I was wondering if anyone could help Treo 300 lost all power and thus, data...So, I hotsynced at home and then, later at work. Well, I have the handheld set to overwrite the desktop and I had not synced at home for some time. Well, I have now lost all data on my work desktop since the last sync at home. I have hundreds of appointments that are all gone! I have not backed up data on an external program or disk(a mistake I will not make again).

    Can this lost data be retrieved?

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    An absolutely definte MAYBE.

    If you have only just lost your data, and have not tried to perform a second hotsync, you may be able to Import your data back into the folder. To import data into the built-in applications on your Handheld:

    1. Open the Palm Desktop application on your computer.

    2. Click the Palm Desktop component into which you want to import data (Address Book, Memo Pad, etc.).

    3. If you are importing records into categories:

    a. Select All in the Category Box

    b. Be sure that the categories in the imported file also exist in Palm Desktop. If they don't, create them now in Palm Desktop. Otherwise, the records will be imported into the Unfiled category.

    4. From the File menu, choose Import.

    5. Select a file to import. Make sure the Files of Type box at the bottom shows the type of file you want to import.

    6. Import data into the Palm Desktop fields you created. To change the field order, click a field name on the left and drag it up or down the list to match the data on the right.

    7. If you do not want to import a field, uncheck the box for that field.

    8. Click OK. The imported data will be highlighted in the Palm Desktop application.

    9. To transfer the imported data to your Handheld, perform a HotSync operation.

    Of course, if you have tried more than once, to restore your data from that computer, all bets are off, and there is no way to restore the data, unless you have it on another computer or some other form of media.

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