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    The article contains a link to the video

    LG at CES 2017 | pivotCE

    Let me know if you spot more info or...
    A. The Projector
    B. Any TCL stuff? I know it'll just be locked down Android Blackberrys, but... you never know!

    What other products could have webOS? Lose points for "Toaster" or "Printer".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post

    What other products could have webOS?
    Lose points for "Toaster" or "Printer".
    Lose points for a "Watch" too?

    I remember reading something about webOS running on a router. Not sure how useful that really would be unless it integrated home automation and home security features as well.

    I guess the current popular hardware devices, besides phones, includes virtual reality (VR) goggles, so maybe webOS based ones for doing more than just playing games.

    I'd love to see webOS as we know it running on some new hardware like a phone with a keyboard (Priv would have been a good start and Blackberry really could have used us as customers...), of course with an updated web browser.

    Note: Your pivotCE article link does not work in Tapatalk on iOS, but works fine in the webOS Forums app. All I consistently get in Tapatalk is the following message:

    "There is a problem with the forum. Please contact the forum admin or try again later."

    The workaround I found is to not tap your link but instead tap anyplace else in your post so that a menu pops-up with 3 choices. I choose the Web View option, which opens your post in a web browser, at which point your link now works.

    Also you have to fast-forward that LG CES Press Conference video in your article all the way to the 51.5 minute mark to get to its beginning, which was a lot more fast-forwarding than I expected -- hopefully LG fixes this. Thank you for including that video link!

    Often times you provide a link at the end of your pivotCE articles for people to share their comments on it. I did not see this there this time. I'd love to hear what others here think about that LG CES video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UI Designer View Post
    Note: Your PivotCE link does not work on Tapatalk on iOS and you have to fast-forward that video in your article to the 51.5 minute mark to get to its begiining.
    iOS ?? What's that?

    Here is the raw link to copy & paste:
    I think it was correctly formatted, so could it be the httpS ?

    Unfortunately, it's not my video and the article notes that some skipping is required - Hopefully LG will cut off the hour of holding slide...

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