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    has anyone else had power meter problems? My powe meter reads full for most of the battery life then drops about 10% then when the phone gets ready to die the meter drops to red... I had this problem for a long time, took my phone to sprint and they replaced it... But now with my new phone its doing the same thing! I'm now thinking mybe its software related... Has anyone else had this problem or has any ideas? I have tried soft resets hard resets and just letting the battery die and then recharging it...

    Mobile Bob
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    Palm OS battery meters are pretty vague at best. The behavior is totally software dictated so it cannot be faulty per se. The battery may be faulty and that is the only reason you should see anomalous battery meter behavior. I am still struggling to understand what is actually wrong with your meter - it sounds like you dont like the way it turns to red to warn you that you need to charge?
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    I have the same issue on my Treo 180... The battery meter reads as "full" for more than half the lifecycle of the battery, and then suddenly drops to less than half full... I often show a full battery right before I start getting "Battery Low" alerts.
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    Don't know if this is effective or not. But in another thread I read a recommendation to do a soft pin reset *while* the charger was plugged in. The reasoning was that it would reset the smart charging regulator.

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