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    Hi together,

    While reading through the news today it struck me and I am wondering why nobody has posted it here before in our forum (at least to my knowledge).

    As you all certainly know TCL bought palm trademark and announced some ne platform / product whatever last year (well I will be two years soon). Know you haven't heard very much on that topic lately (if you all).

    And TCL announced several weeks ago that they are licensing the BlackBerry brand worldwide (except Indonesia). A they announced today that they will announce a new device at the next CES.

    ... now connect the dots...

    Obviously TCL had big plans with palm, but then they started talks with BlackBerry probably late last year then poor PRIV sales were coming in and BlackBerry saw no more options. After the test run with the DTEK 50 and 60 they took it to the next level and sold the whole / licensed the whole brand.

    But what does it have to do with palm? Well as soon as TCL got close to getting its hands on the BlackBerry brand they stopped pushing their palm idea. palm and BlackBerry both suffered the same fate: from a once renowned and admired mobile tec company and brand to a dwarf in the shadow of Apple and Android before being dumped altogether.

    But if you compare both brand right now. Palm is nowadays only known to some diehards like us. It went out of usage in 2010. Their glory days lay further in the past. Most remarkable in the PDA era of 1995 - ca. 2000. S So the brand is somewhat rusty (to p it mildly).

    Now compare BlackBerry. They have also gone through a rough time and they as well are a faint shadow of their past glory but that past is much more recent. BlackBerry were still dominating until roughly 2010 (one could argue).

    So to wrap it up. For TCL it makes much more sense to go with the BlackBerry brand and use it in the western world than using the long forgotten palm. Resurrecting palm would have been much more of an effort. With BlackBerry it I more some dusting of.

    So palm will probably stay in the shelf forever.

    And what is interesting as well: TCL seems to go with BlackBerry just for standard smartphones (like with Alcatel). No more fancy talk of new colaborative mobile platforms or such!

    What are your thoughts folks?

    Best J.
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    My thoughts are that TCL is collecting brand names.
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    So what you're saying is that it may be easier to get the IP from them as they may be loosening their grip? If "we" buy it, we can make some income to support the our efforts from licensing it to LG.
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    Do they even own any IP or just the brand? I can't remember.
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    I suspect HP retained rights to use the IP when they sold webOS to LG. Other mobile IP went to Qualcomm. I think all that was left for TCL was the brand. But of course, these deals weren't entirely public, so the details can only be guessed at.
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    Irrelevant speculation is irrelevant.

    They are looking for any coat tail to ride. Hedge betters. I'm not interested in the company at all now.
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    No, what I wanted to say was:
    1. Now that TCL is using BlackBerry they probably will not/never use palm (compared to their statements from last year) because of the before mentioned reasons
    2. With the devise we will see at CES next year, we will see what TCL probably would have done with the palm brand, if it had not aquired the BlackBerry brand
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    Looks like TCL has been contracted to build some new hardware for BB.

    No point trying to build your own device and hope it competes when you can get paid building for someone else. Good luck maintaining the quality though.

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    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.

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