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    I am not shore if I am in the right forum. I had just bought a LG 4K 55 inch OLED TV. I plugged in HDMI cable connecting to my computer. Another HDMI cable connected from TV to to Yamaha 7.1 digital receiver. When I turn on the TV, it will link me to my PC. But the audio switches to TV and I get pro logic II codec and only 2 channels instead of DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1. At that point I am unable to play audio from my PC. I cant play itunes or spotify (for example). I tried changing input to HDMI but no audio . How can I plug in the TV and have my PC playing audio instead of TV?
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    Assuming you want your PC to be the source and the TV to be your destination going thru the receiver, you need to make sure that your it supports pass thru and then that your audio card supports 5.1, which it should. I have similar set up with different TV and all is working fine. But you need to connect the PC to the receiver and then use the receiver out to connect to one of the TV's inputs. Hope this is what you are trying to achieve.

    Or you can use the ARC HDMI (1) which stands for Audio Return Chanel on the TV to pass on the audio feed that goes to the TV. This way you won't have any video processing done by the receiver.
    Older HDTVs don't have that but I guess it replaces the optical Tosslink that can only carry 5.1.

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