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    I have been looking very closely at the low end color Palm OS devices, but I finally decided to get the Treo!

    I can't wait to learn all about the inside and outs of the keyboard, appropriate hacks, etc.
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    Some hacks to try on your 90:

    Lazy Launcher: Free. It calls up a popup list of your apps and prefs when you hold down a hard button. Call up any app using the KB only. It doesn't bring up icons, so it's VERY fast at launching. It also launches Desk Accessories. The same website will get you to the largest site for DAs. SHChanger, VolumeDA, IRSwitch and ToUpperDA can't be lived without once you try them.

    ClockPop (freeware palmgear) calls up a full screen clock when you hold down a hardware button. It even does it while the treo is off and puts it back to sleep for you.

    CorrectHack (shareware palmgear) does shortcut text entry automatically.

    And Disable Buttons (freeware palmgear) keeps the 90 from turning on in your pocket.

    I'm giving consideration to Palm's new Tungsten C which supposedly will have a Thumboard, OS5, 32Megs and run at 400mhz. It comes out in April. Only problem is that all these wonderful hacks won't work on it. I might just stick with the 90. It will be slow compared to the C. But with the way you can hack out a 90, the C may seem cumbersome without hacks. And 90 users get addicted to the small form factor. Time will tell.


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    Thanks for the tips, I will try them out.

    The combination of the form factor, color screen, keyboard, and the low price did it for me. I am sure there are machines better in each area, but overall I think the Treo 90 is a good deal.

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