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    So the catalog is dead. Oh well. Finding random ipks online, whether they be in a shared directory somewhere or from a friend hooking you up can be frustrating.* Getting apps for webOS devices is left to the back alley ways of the darkest recesses of private forum messaging and dropbox links. I donít care how you get them. I wonít judge.

    But there are those who have loaded those apps to their TouchPad or Pre and find some not working correctly. Chances are those non-functioning or partially working apps are games.
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    I have no use for this personally, but I'm seeing new members joining the forum every time i come here. I love that there is still new interest in our beloved platform. Pivot CE articles like this will help them join us as avid webOS enthusiasts.

    Thanks for carrying the torch, and republishing archived info as needed to keep it burning brightly!
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    I searched for a few minutes around the forum until I found the info I was looking for. I didn't remember where I saw the info so I was glad to see it in the archive.

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