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    I love my Treo 270, but I have one major annoyance.

    When you set the ringer switch to off, alarms are silenced. I realize that this is a good thing (one switch to silence all), but non-Datebook+ alarms will not vibrate.

    I have many 3rd party applications which can set alarms, so I'd love to see Handspring complete the integration of the ringer switch into the OS so that any alarm will vibrate if the switch is off.

    In the mean time, does anyone know of any hack or application that can solve this problem?

    - Dave Anderson
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    Actually, shouldn't you be lobbying the makers of the apps that don't take advantage of the Treo's code to allow alarms to vibrate to add that functionality to their programs? They could bring out a newer version of their program far more quickly than Handspring could add your functionality request.
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    The non DateBook+ applications are simply not observing the switch position - they need to be updated to be integrated with Treo.

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