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    I've had my Treo 180 for almost a year now and until recently it froze and forced a reset only twice. But since I installed the T-Mobile GPRS upgrade it has already frozen 4 times. It always seems to hang in the phone app or while turned off, possibly when an incoming call tries to wake the Treo up. I haven't made any other software additions or changes. Is anyone else having these problems? Any suggestions?
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    Does it lockup or seriously pause? My 270 pauses in the phone app for as long as 2 minutes then it moves on.

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    It has both locked up (it said "Fatal Error" or something like that and has a reset button the screen) and seriously paused.
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    I've had the same problem lately... 2 y.o. Treo 180g with no problems. All of a sudden, lock, freezes, crashes, scrambled screens with line and snow. Hard resets necessary.

    All calls to Palm say it needs replacing. Great. Just in time to buy a Treo 600, but not lasting long enough to give me the option of buying a 650.

    As I write this, my Treo is frozen on the Palm Powered screen, won't hard reset, won't even let me press a button to start hard reset. This is after three days of working fine.

    If you get any help on this, please post. Batting zero so far.

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