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    My Handspring Treo 180 freezes every couple of days. I will be using the Treo....and then it takes No input from the keyboard and everything is frozen.

    It seems to happen randomly...Sometimes when I am talking on the phone. Sometimes when I am just using an application.

    Can anybody share any ideas? I have minimzed the apps on there.
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    Sometimes SMS events can lock the phone up temporarily if you happen to be on a data session at the same time. Otherwise, I suggest you hard reset the unit and try it without extra software. I'll bet one of your installed apps is to blame.
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    what service are you on ? I went to the T-Mobile store and got a new sim (free) and was told the voltage and memory capacity changed - lockups that were frequently happening have ceased (don't think I've had one since).

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    Thank you so much. I will get my new SIM card and see what happens.

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