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    I am considering a 270 having received a Tungsten W and finding it lacking in many respects, most notably the fact that mis-imported my huge Treo 90 database- all (1600+) phone numbers as 'other', and losing all my untimed entries in Datebook. Any advice, or should I wait for what seems to be coming soon in Palm OS phones? Also, how is the reception on the 270's? I came to the W because my 68i was so incredibly lame for reception.
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    There’s a lot to be said about the 270, both pro and con. Personally I love my 270 and I use it more than my laptop and, at times, more than my desktop computer. Do a search here on the 270 and I am sure you’ll find many opinions, ideas, suggestions, applications and more. Good luck.
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    To your question about reception, it's definitely not as good as my old cell phone, a nokia. But it's still pretty good. Sometimes goes out in buildings where my old phone would work. But that could just be a t-mo problem in nyc. Despite that I'd never trade my treo for a regular cell phone. the pros greatly outway the cons for me.
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    Probably a big thing is to remember exactly what you are buying, a merged cell phone and pda. You are not going to be able to treat it as rough as you would a regular cellphone. Still, by all accounts, it is the best converged device out there.


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