I was looking for spare parts of all webOS devices.
You know, we have a repair service in Germany http://forums.webosnation.com/webos-...e-germany.html. For repairing soft- and hardware. Some parts, mostly TouchPad, we can buy in china. But not all, particular for the phones its hard to become parts.
Some we have in our own private stock, for holding our devices alive as long as we can. I cant give them all away.

So we need parts to pass it for free to webOS lovers who need a spare part to use the beloved webOS devices on and on.
Parts or devices we get as donation, we relay to customers for free.

If you have a broken webOs device, you dont need anymoore, help webOS lovers.
PM me, and I will send you an address in Germany where you can send the device. As cheap as possible.
I promise, we don't want to make money with your old devices. We want to give it fro free to people who needs them for using their webOS device.

I will make a list in public where you can see, the devices or partes we get, and who passed it.

(Oh, my poor englisch, please be gracious to me. It was hard for me to wrote a text like this.)