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    Does anyone know if a European Treo 270 which has 900/1800 Mhz can be converted to a 900/1900 Mhz US phone? If so, where can I have this done? I have a chance to get ahold of a used 900/1800 phone.
    The tech at Handspring didn't even know that there is a Treo sold with another frequency combo. A Cingular Rep I spoke with said they use 900! I asked her 4 more times to verify that she said "nine-hundred" and not "nineteen-hundred". She was somewhat irritated but said "yes" NINE-HUNDRED!"

    OY VEY!

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    That's the only cheap way I could think of ...

    Look for a broken unit in cheap price & replace it.

    Note that I am not 100% sure about wiring.

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