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    10:45pm EST on 3/14/15, waiting to see what happens overnight. Anybody in March 15th already with any news to report? Phones remotely wiped, self- destruct sequences initiated, anything??
    I know nothing should happen, just a little anxious....
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    It's working for me on GMT.

    As I recall, paid apps shut off at midnight for me.

    Guess 1: Everything shuts off at midnight GMT

    Guess 2: Everything shuts off at midnight in each timezone (either by reference to your location or because you're actually connecting to local servers (note how the host file fix for HP doesn't work for everybody)

    Guess 3: It's a low-priority thing (already got a 3 month extension - probably because HP were two busy bifurcating and laying people off) so maybe the switch will only get flipped when someone arrives to work at HP on Monday morning - I wouldn't bank on this! ;-)

    Guess 4: It's SO low on the list that it won't be switched off until they notice all the queries about another extension. (so if the servers are still there next week, say nothing!)
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    ET it's 00:12, and looks like "not dead yet" FWIW
    (I've been on a rampage trying to add every $@&%ing page from the still-living * domain, especially the App Catalog pages, to archive today:

    archiving that site like it's going out of style... because it is. (sniff)

    Many thanks for all the tips and help throughout the last few months!
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    Still working at 00:15 Central time
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    AppCathalog and backup still working at 07:17 in Germany.

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    No change at 3:38am Eastern/12:38am Central.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    No change at 3:38am Eastern/12:38am Central.
    Still working at 8.49 in Slovenia
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    App Cat still available 6:53 local time Eastern Australia.
    Around 10 hrs 'in front of' GMT here.. so we could cop it first.. in about 6hrs?

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    Maybe it's like a coupon, and expires at the end of the day. :/
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    even running catalog in mexico 07 15 am
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    Still working at 9:39 AM EST.
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    Maybe no one wants to work on Sunday and wait until tomorrow to pull the proverbial plug.
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    It's 10:34 p.m. of March 15 in the Philippines, and I was able to do a back up just a few minutes ago.

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    Hm, HP catalog still functioning in Germany Maybe they forgot to shut down the servers? xD
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    I would expect a shutdown to occur on Monday morning, a few hours after HP data center opens in whichever time zone it's located.

    Get your last free downloads now. Don't forget to switch off your backup so it's not trying to phone home in vain.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonononoki View Post
    Hm, HP catalog still functioning in Germany Maybe they forgot to shut down the servers? xD
    Knowing how little they consider WebOS these days they may have trouble finding them!
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    We activated a Palm Pre from Sprint last night (WebOs 1), logged into Palm Profile, got it all activated- AWESOME! However, while all the old apps are showing, they are not installing. Anyone know where/how we can get the App Catalog to work? There was a patch back in 2013 that I think we need but can't find.
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    still working in UK at time of post.
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    3:43 EST and they still work. downloaded an app, checked for updates, and currently backing up.
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    2pm PDT, waited til the last minute to do my app downloads and it's all working fine.

    Total wall clock time: 3m 52s
    Downloaded: 119 files, 475M in 2m 15s (3.51 MB/s)

    Time to get the touchpad started.

    Maybe for fun I'll revert all the patches and OTA my pre2 to 2.2.4.
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