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    An Open Letter to Hewlett-Packard


    You’ve announced the end of webOS cloud services and I couldn’t be happier.

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    I've been totally done with HP for a long time now. I won't miss them being connected to webOS. Yes, they tried, but they hired Leo (a guy that drove the last company that fired him into the ground) and I'll never forgive them for that.
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    It's hard for me to feel happy about this. The rational side of me says this is the nail in the coffin, that HP shutting down the cloud is like closing a door to newbies, a firm "move on" from HP. I'm happy the community is still working on keeping webOS alive, through patching, app development and work on LuneOS and porting. That's great. So is the continued pulse-monitoring about things like the LG smart watch and LG smart TVs. I lament the disaster that was created when Leo took the helm. I lament that rather than right that wrong, HP wrote off webOS when his permanent replacement came on, even though she paid lip service to keeping webOS alive, but HP, as you noted, Alan, saved Palm. I don't know what would have become of my relationship with Palm if not for that. I may have been left with the Pre+, which is a generation behind my Veer, if not two.

    I still hope for a brighter future, and the break from HP may be a blessing in disguise, but for me it's fairly well disguised right now. I'll miss the cloud services. I'll miss the app catalog, and all the promise that's within it, of an operating system that could have been the iPhone-killer it was on a trajectory to be, before being flown into the ground by overpaid, naive incompetents. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, though.

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    Solid sentiments, but does HP even speak that language?
    On the bright side, LG seems as nimble as a deer, when seen alongside the lumbering dinosaur that is Hewlett Packard!

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    Thanks HP!
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    I'm comfortable with my Pre 3. Yup, the browser is becoming more of an issue and probably will be THE issue when the time comes.

    I wish that they had time to patch the little oddities in 2.2.4 before Leo (rhymes with mayo) did his thing. Before we totally blame Leo, HP could have undone what he did, but Meg didn't do that. Adios, HP!

    But my phone still works. I think I can assume that those of us left here are not the guys who jump on the latest and greatest. those guys were here, but they're gone now. Actually, they left some time ago. they were fun!

    I feel like an empty nester. It's quiet here and I get to do what I want to do when I want to do it. The kids pop in once in a while and make some noise, but it's very comfortable here in WebOS land.
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    They will have to pry my cold dead pre3 & touchpad from my hands before I ever give up.
    There is a WebOS watch in my future...
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    and taught VMS for 16 years, there is a reason my auto-signature on my Touchpad was changed from "Sent from my HP Touchpad" to include the phrase "HP: where great operating systems go to die."
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