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    lemanho: I might be there sometime soon for work

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    Really ? PM me if you've been there. I always go to Shengzhen electric market every month. Look for some products and spare parts......
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    Quote Originally Posted by lemanho View Post
    Great. When will you do business trip to Shengzhen city ?
    Hi Lemanho, I plan to go there in April. First to HK than to Shenzhen. If Herrie will be there at the same time we can all meet.
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    Hey while you guys are in Shenzen, bring a Pre2 and find out if someone can make us an LTE modem that will replace the CDMA/umts modules. They make everything there!

    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkirker View Post
    Does that mean it would be possible to add Pre3 support in Dr. Battery for recalibration?

    EDIT: I guess I don't even remember the "why" as to why the Pre3/Veer/Touchpad weren't supported. :P Time to clear some cobwebs in my brain.
    Haha, still there dkirker :-)
    The problem was never the battery but the OS/A6. There is no interface to the battery anymore as it was before. And that its because of the A6.
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