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    Hi Team!

    After 6months speaker & mic stopped. Send off to HS following sync with my desktop at work.

    What is the best procedure to restore everything?

    Do I have to re-install all programs & hacks etc. Then sync?

    Or just from the settings on the palm desktop can I get everything back from the desktop?

    Step by step help would be appreciated. Especially how to do a backup on the desktop of all Treo stuff before trying this incase I have any difficulties?

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    I'm using a Mac, so if you're syncing with a PC, your info might be different. Since you just did a full HotSync before sending your Treo back, you should have a full backup of your files/apps/contacts. When I have had to restore my Treos (I've done this about 6 times, both for GPRS upgrades as well as dead units), I have made a copy of my User Data/Backup folder (just in case) and put it somewhere other than my Palm user file.
    To do the new HotSync, you will save a bit of time and trouble by going to the Conduit Settings in HotSync and changing them so that your Mac/PC overrides the Treo. Also, set the Backup conduit to Restore from Backup.
    Now do the HotSync. You will be asked what user to assign to the new Treo, then be patient, as the initial HotSYnc will take time. When done, go through your Treo very carefully, and test every app (especially recheck Prefs). FWIW, I have found that OneTouch Mail does not get restored properly, and I have similar problems with other apps (e.g. ePocrates, some FireViewer files). You might need to reinstall some apps/files (this time, recheck your ConduitSettings to have them on the default (synchronize/install)).
    If you haven't done the GPRS upgrade to your Treo yet (180/270 only), you should consider doing it now, before restoring all your data. Even if you do not plan to use GPRS, there are a few nifty features/enhancements.
    Good luck--as always, YMMV.
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    Worked brilliantly - many thanks. Could not follow the instruction "set backup conduit to restore" though. Did not seem to make any difference.

    The conduit settings seem to have reset themselves now.

    New machine came with GPRS 1.1.1 installed already.

    Many thanks for your help


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