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    I'm duplicating the thread at

    Accuweather and Accuradio not working - webOS Nation Forums

    sort of, to add more visibility.

    4 Pre 3 had both those applications stop working... it would be good to doublecheck on other phone versions ( I don't expect differences ) and on Touchpads ( according the OP, one or both still work on the touchpad. if it's confirmed by more tests, we could look at the differences and try to get the phones back online)
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    I can confirm that AccuWeather reports a 'Network Connection Error' on start & no information appears in the app. (Pre3)

    It DOES however, work on the TP. I'm assuming they are actually different apps.

    Happy to test if anyone has trouble-shooting ideas on this.

    Er... the original thread was started today. Why duplicate? I'd assumed it was an old thread about old problems, but it's not.
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    I duplicated because I was worried that only pre3 people were going to look at it, in that section :s , sorry

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