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    anybody else here got both devices? id like to hear some opinions.

    me, i prefer my treo to the p800. not that the p800 is a bad product its just not as good (IMHO)

    the main advantage to the p800 is bluetooth, multimedia, and the camera. oh and its nice to show off to people

    the bluetooth requires a firmware upgrade to work well (as do most wireless phones nowadays). static starts at 2 feet with all 3 of my wireless headsets (freespeak, hbh15, hbh30) . ive been using bluetooth through 3 different phones so i know that it goes alot farther than that. now, my friends make fun of me when i use it cause i end up saying "can you hear me now" every 5 seconds

    its nice to be able to play mp3's and movies, but with just 16mb of storage, the best songs in the world get annoying after a while. and movies, its fun watching all 5 seconds of it, in a loop, and you cant maximize the movie to play full screen.

    the camera is a nice bonus though, its nowhere near as good as a megapixel camera with a flash but its still neat.

    but when it comes to just being a phone/pda the treo is still better. the keyboard is perfect for inputing calendar/contacts/data, after using a keyboard for so long handwriting recognition is just no fun at all. and maybe its just the browser but websurfing is alot easier on the treo. websurfing with just one hand is much nicer. thats probably why alot of p800 users are changing their browser to opera. and dialing numbers, i love the opening screen on the treo, i can speed dial a number multiple ways w/o having to use the stylus. i can get to any number in my phone book with very few button presses. i think the p800 could use some more hardware buttons.

    not that i'm ragging on the p800, i think its a great device with TONS of features, but SE's forgotten about alot of the basics when they created this phone.

    boy am i bored today or what
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    I'd like my Treo to do a lot of what the P800 can playback, MP3, camera, wireless headset. But before it does all that I want it to be a well integrated phone and organizer, and I want it to be good at e-mail, IM, and web browsing. So the Treo has got the first part down but not the second...yet.
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    I'm not sure they do have the first part down yet. I've had the 270 since June last year, with several replacements and lame (IMHO) promotion/service. No handspring device to me has felt like it was built solidly. I'm always being overly careful, and most other phones or pdas seem tougher. But it's hard to beat the treo in Many ways. I'd love to see the other features too, but most likely one of the other big guys (motorola, nokia, sony) will eventually get it ALL right and we'll all be jumping. I was looking forward to the sidekick color version, but it too seems doomed like so many before it. I figure if my Treo holds out till the warranty expires (probably worth the extension) it's done its job and we will have a bluetooth version or mp3's, or another brand!

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    Christo, I agree with you. I am happy with the functionality of my Treo, but not the quality. For HS sake, I hope they get the quality issue right with version 2, because they won't get any more chances after that.
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    Don't worry. Although the Cummunicator game is gonna get very crowded, HS WILL produce a very nice next Treo... I just hope they are not totally squeezed out by the majors.
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    It could be better, but my 300 is pretty good. More memory, OS 5 and hi-res display are the only things I really look forward to. A tougher unit would be nice too, but this 300 is much tougher than my 180 was.
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    Don't need a cam, don't need MP3 (how can you beat the iPod?)...just need a good phone with good Palm OS and lots of memory. The Treo is a good gizmo; best in it's class (read WSJ report), yet some people feel inadequate walking around with it.
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    I'm with m00se. Cam and mp3 (ipod I have I do) on a phone i don't need.

    I screen that I can see in the daylight I do need.

    Would love resolution upgrade.
    Would like external memory, but I'm barely using half the treo mem now.
    Need to be able to read the screen in daylight.
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    echo, echo...

    ipod was a gleam in somebody's eye when i bought my nomad jukebox, but i still stick with it though i will probably get a newer, larger capacity ipod or jukebox soon... don't think a phone will have multi-gig storage for a couple of years anyway...
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    Anybody know if the Symbian OS has a Mac connectivity client yet?
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    How would you guys characterise the reception on your 270's? I am considering a jump but I can't handle another T68i debacle (virtually useless). Also perhaps someone can steer me clear of a problem- I am planning to get an unlocked 270 and attempt to use it on ATT using my SIM card.
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    but what mp3 is better, the creative nomad or ipod?
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    only two things i don't like about the ipod?

    the price, but not enough to discorage me.
    no tuner.
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    #14 very well. Use a SIM card from a GSM phone, sign up for the data plan (10 GB/mo should do nicely), and install the asian-carrier GPRS upgrade.
    Note that you must load the GPRS upgrade for data; AT&T does not support data transfer via GSM "voice" dialup AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $However$, $they$ $do$ $support$ $SMS$ $to$ $and$ $from$ $email$ $addresses$.
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    The more I think about it, the more I want a camera in the next Treo. But I don't want a lousy-quality camera with no flash. If that's all they can come up with, then don't bother. But if they can fit in a 640x480 camera with flash that takes very good quality pictures, I would love it.

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    To be up with the times, a camera would be essential in the next Treo. For me it's not necessary, but it would be fun. Unfortunately it might also make the unit more bulky.

    I don't need an MP3 player in the Treo to sap the batteries. I've got an Ipod and I love it! A tuner on the Ipod would be a plus, but the Ipod does everything else so well including looking great.

    If you're considering one, go for it because you won't regret it....if you don't get it you'll regret not getting it You'll also feel like a million bucks just having one because it is a techie status symbol.
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    Originally posted by bigdaddyajay
    but what mp3 is better, the creative nomad or ipod?
    iPod rocks! Absolutely the best
    I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
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