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    A while back there was this thread about your ideal (fantasy) webOS device. So I thought it could be a good idea to do something similar but about an App Catalog. Bear in mind, this is just for fun (and maybe to give some people ideas). I'm not working on anything, and I don't think I'm the right person to do so.

    I've never been too fond of any of the digital app stores. iTunes should be a forbidden piece of software (at least on PC), the App Store on iOS is in my opinion messy and convoluted, the Play Store for Android gets less organized with each new iteration, and the App Catalog for webOS was...well, Pivot was a great idea that unfortunately didn't pan out, but that's one of the most positive things I can say about it. The store on my Windows 8 PC is unused, and the Steam store has some hits, but certainly a large number of misses as well. has lost much of its simplicity in its last update, Amazon, eBay, and Book Depository certainly have their uses but to say that the experience is great is a huge exaggeration.

    I am not only interested in what you would like to see in a (community driven?) app catalogue for webOS, but also what you most definitely would not want to have in there.

    There is no limit to where your ideas can go, as long as it's somewhat related to getting software (or at least functionality) in the hands of the user. You can think as small such as donation buttons for free software, to big like integrated crowd funding. Should there be editors pointing out interesting new apps and useful underdogs or should there be a community vote as to which apps should be highlighted that week. Should there be an integration with social media. Should there be reviewers testing app-integrity (and possibly the option to have non-reviewed apps unlocked at your own risk?). What categories should there be, how do you want to search. Maybe you want to discuss the 30% tax, and what kind of entity your feel should run the store (and get the spoils if any, but also the risks). Not a problem, it all goes.

    So basically: what would your perfect webOS store look, feel, and work like?
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    mazzinia just found this:

    Apparently blue spice is some kind of wiki enhancement.

    In theory, a Mark I app catalogue could be in the form of a wiki...

    One page per app, including a link - and maybe a donation or paywall link? Then add screen shots. Don't know if reviews woud be practical.

    Open updates - maybe with a simple registration?

    Index page & possible search functions?

    So authors, users and webOS 'Archeologists' could build a catalogue of whatever apps are out there.

    We could take the data that's already been discovered and convert it to a simple website.

    In the case of the HP catalogue, we would need a status entry to indicate availability...

    From that, a mark II could be developed that actually hosted apps with payment / donation options (example: Payment, Compulsory donation (user selects amount), Voluntary donation.
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    Yeah, I think Mark/Space would do pretty well. I used their 3rd Party KIN sync software, and it worked well. No if only Microsoft would release a Lumia KIN
    HP Think Beyond event link
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    I don't know the technical limitations to this idea since I'm not a developer but...

    I'd like to see a single app store to rule them all. The app store can be used to distribute the same app onto multiple devices (iOS, Android, Window's Phone, etc.).

    The general usage flow:
    1. Developer creates app and adds it to the app store.

    1. Downloads the app store onto their device. (Ala Amazon App Store)
    2. Downloads app onto their device.
    3. App store recognized the device they are using and downloads the appropriate app.

    App Catalog would take the submitted app (partner with Phone Gap??) and package the app for multi-platform. Now even if this is possible I realize that their would be draw backs and limitations. Maybe if apps were limited to specific standards and programming languages it would be possible to easily automate the phone gap process. The app store could still offer apps exclusive to platforms, but to incentivize the one for all approach the app store could offer extra benefits for developers that adhered to the guidelines so that their apps are available for all platforms (Higher revenue percentage, free advertising, etc.).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    From that, a mark II could be developed that actually hosted apps with payment / donation options (example: Payment, Compulsory donation (user selects amount), Voluntary donation.
    I think the idea of having more price-categories than just payed and free a very good addition to any shop. A number of potential categories (some of which you already mentioned) could be:
    • Payed
      commercial applications with a fixed price (no in-app purchases)
    • Payed (in-app)
      commercial applications with in-app purchases (I don't think they should exist...but they do)
    • Free-to-Play
      free apps that contain in-app purchases
    • Compulsory donation
      Apps that require a donation (selected by the buyer, but with the option to have a minimal amount (10cents?))
    • Voluntary donation
      Apps that the user can give a donation to. Not necessarily only at the time of download.
    • Careware
      Similar to the donation categories, but the user gets to choose between (creator selected) 'charities' to donate to (a possible use-case would be: someone wrote an app and rather than getting money for it, he want to use it to support webos-ports).
    • Free
      no pricetag whatsoever

    One thing that I dislike in certain stores is the requirement to attach a credit-card. First of all, not everyone in the world has a credit-card (or one that is accepted everywhere), and secondly: if you want to download something free you should not have to share something as personal (and potentially risky). Didn't the Touchpad require you to enter a creditcard number when activating? - or was that some other device? - Hated that as well

    For me personally, Paypal integration would be perfect. But I assume there are also those who don't want to use Paypal.

    Quote Originally Posted by i2y4n View Post
    I'd like to see a single app store to rule them all. The app store can be used to distribute the same app onto multiple devices (iOS, Android, Window's Phone, etc.).
    While this is probably never going to happen (at least not legally) due to politics, and the different companies caring more about locking users in than a free community, I do like the idea in general.
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