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    Well I just read an article in the WashingtonPost that Verizon will begin 3G broadband (1xEvDo) service this summer wit the 1st rollout in D.C. According to the report:

    During preliminary tests that Verizon Wireless conducted in an area from Falls Church to Rockville, people could download files while on the go at speeds from 300 to 600 kilobits per second, or about five to 10 times as fast as a dial-up modem. While stationary, users could access the Internet at speeds up to 2.4 megabits per second, about 60 percent faster than a cable modem
    Whoa!! I can only wish Sprint will offer such high speed services. However, from what I understand Sprint has decided to skip 1xEvDo and rollout 1xEvDv instead. Does this mean Sprint not be offering any new 3G services soon? How long will we wait to see 1xEvDv and will we ever see any OS 5 Treo that could take advantage of such networks?
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    > ...How long will we wait to see 1xEvDv and will we
    > ever see any OS 5 Treo that could take advantage
    > of such networks?

    Though I personally think Handspring as a company is doomed - soon - there was a contract with Airprime (I think) atttached to one of their 10Ks or 10Qs (annual or quarterly financial reports)that mentioned some modules that were going to be available for testing and/or prototyping or moment while I look it up...yes, at the very end of this (long) document there are contract words about various types of modules:


    but the definition words of what the modules are has been deleted - your guess is probably better than mine but it looks like this part of the contract is discussing what you mentioned. (go "up" a page or two from the bottom of the doc to see the mention of delivery of modules in 2003)
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    As I understand it the upgrade from 1xRTT to 1xEvDo (and 1xEvDv) is a much bigger step that the upgrade to 1xRTT that Sprint just made. I think I heard that the bottleneck is the land lines into many of their base stations rather than the wireless part itself. Given the financial condition of Sprint (and the telecom industry in general) I would guess that the upgrade to 1xEvDv will be a slow one (3-5 years?). It may never even happen if WiFi becomes so prevalent that a fast WAN is redundant.

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