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    Seems like finally the Treo has a real rival with:
    3Band GSM
    Small form factor.
    And probably Car hands free support...

    Seems like the next thing !

    Although it has No Keyboard.

    Now, lets see if HS will be able to come with the next generation.
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    The no keyboard is going to be a real killer for all us who use it as a data device. The Samsung will be a killer phone for storing to-dos, addresses, memos and the like. It's great for having music always with you and perhaps browsing the web (OS5 and fast processor probably make that better) but for things like e-mail it'll still be clunky. It's a great phone, but I don' thtink they are attacking the market at the same angle the Treo is. This can be a good thing (lackluster Treo sales) or a bad thing (I love the way the Treo is designed).
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    Lets be honest here... If you disregard the issue of the keyboard, the SGH-i500 is a very nice phone and even a better, if not great, pda. However, whether the Treo should "beware" is debateable considering this thing won't be released until Q3 of 2003, while the Treo is available NOW!! Hopefully by the time the SGH-i500 hits the market, HS will release a new Treo...
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    I'd argue that it isn't a great PDA if only because of the form factor. Small screen, no input area other than on top of the display...
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    every time i answer an email from my phone i do the 'i have a keyboard' dance... think snoopy...
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    looks like a great device (do we really need a camara), but I don't think I can go back to graffitti as my main input method.

    Hopefully, someone will come out with a device like this one with a kb.
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    Originally posted by halperin
    Now, lets see if HS will be able to come with the next generation.
    The new Treo and the Sammy will be released about the same time and HS will better Sammy in several ways including form factor and a keyboard.
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    I don't suppose you can support that post?
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    That HS next product will be more mature and proffesional then current Treo.

    For instance, basic phone requirments such as:

    1. Wiring the headset to main connector, to allow proper use with Car-Hands-Free sets (not to mention their availability)

    2. Replaceable Battery

    3. Better SMS groups, and Incoming Phone groups for ring diff.

    4. Answer directly with / Switch to LoudSpeaker using a single button.

    5. I hardly dare to ask (though it should be within PalmOS5 abilities) - Voice Activation.

    6. Ability to automatically send extra digits without having to look for that extra SW Button.

    7. Mic location which will allow calls with lid closed.

    8. Periodic purge in call history & it's manipulation.

    9. Responding to call waiting through Jog-Dial - without facing the unit.

    10. Configure Emergency number

    11. Ability to see additional char in contacts phone number fields (currently lot's of wasted space, but no ability to diff between to mobile numbrs in same contact)

    12. Better SIM integration - Write call log, integrate search, easy transfer to/from - currently migrating the SIM to another unit leavs you blank.

    13. Assuming PalmOS5 based & MP3 support - A proper headset which includes control buttons - see Sony Clie series.

    14. The trivial request for SD/MMC (should be trivial to HS... but), and maybe more then just one ?

    Just hope HS development team reads these lines...

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