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    I just have to ask if anybody would use an app that applies rules to call forwarding.

    Right now there are 4 total options on the 270:

    1. Forward all calls (on|off) [target number]
    2. Forward when busy (on|off) [target number]
    3. Forward no answer (on|off) [target number]
    4. Forward when Phone Off (on|off) [target number]

    What I would like to accomplish is based on group, individual, or time that all 4 of those options could be manipulated.

    An example is after 5pm, when my business day is done, all client related calls go to voicemail as if I hit the UP key to ignore them.

    Or specifically modify #3 that when there is no answer it goes somewhere else than the voicemail depending on the caller.

    If I am the only one who would use this than I will stop asking developers to make it for me.


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    For instance, while entering a car, activating by short-cut for follow-up to a unit which has Hands-Free set, then easily cancellation when going out.
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    I believe that these settings are stored on the network (the service provider). I don't believe your phone does anything to forward a call anywhere when you don't answer or (obviously) when it is not in service.

    Do you know if the GSM system allows phones to forward calls to other numbers on the fly?

    I think this would be a nice application. I would use it if it existed. A useful feature would be to show a list of possible numbers to forward calls to and you would pick one while the phone is ringing.
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    I would use it... I would also like the option of JUST IGNORING the call based upon the rules... In other words - two options for every rule, forward or ignore, and they can coexist based upon time and/or group the contact/phone is in...

    Seems to me that this would be a natural fit into the functionality of an application like TCRinger.


    Lee Ladisky
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    I wouldn't use it, no.

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