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    I've been trying without success all evening to install TreoSMS. Of course, I am getting the dread fatal error involving Line:8589, but when I warm-reset to get around it, I can't connect to the network. When I try to go to the network preferences, it says, "Network library unavailable."

    If I can delete the offending program, sometimes the network functions will come back and I can connect.

    For some reason, this is now also happening with ICQ for handhelds, even though I had it installed and running successfully for months before this latest debacle. (It is one of several things I am carefully reinstalling following my multiple hard resets.

    Any ideas?

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    A warm reset will disable the network library, and many other extensions, such as IR beaming. After you delete the offending program, do a soft reset to re-enable those extensions.
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