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    Why is ebay only in black and white with my Treo 300 and not in color as shown on the handspring web site??? It is not fair!
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    This is a guess, but I'd wager you're using the eBay PQA which will only be B&W until someone develops a color PQA library. The picture on HS's web site shows eBay in Blazer, which would be in color.
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    KKenna -- I am guessing that your guess is correct.
    And mattunh -- try using Blazer or Xiino to get to eBay (but keep in mind that PQA is faster although it is b & w!).
    Also, you might want to check these threads:

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    or do you use Blazer and have set it to display all pictures in black&white?

    Check this by
    - launching Blazer
    - go to Options menu
    - Open first menu item (Blazer settings)
    - look at the the setting for pictures in the middle of the screen

    If it is set to b&w, you can choose other options which are more colorful but slow down loading of web pages.

    Hope this helps, cheers,


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