Ok, bought a used Treo 270 on ebay, guy said it was fully functional and I tested it and it seemed to be. Cannot connect to any of the ISP's that I used to be able to with my Visorphone. Connection timed out error. Been all over this forum and found other people in the same boat. I believe it's a hardware problem. Called tech support and they gave me a test ISP (out of Canada) that does work. But it is the only one that has and I don't know why. One guy even said he uses his Treo with Access-4-Free like I used to, so I know it's not the ISP.Signed up for a few other ISP's and they won't work either. Read a post by a guy with the same problem, he puts his sim card in his wife's Treo and he can connect without 0x1231 error. Gets a replacement and it works. That's what I need I think. Here's the deal: Don't have the original receipt and seller could have been fibbing when he said there was warranty coverage left. How can I find out and how can I get coverage without a proof of purchase? Anyone else have this problem and resolve it? I don't mind paying a little as long as it isn't too much in relation to the cost I paid. Thanks for any input, guys!