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    Ok, ive read most reviews on the Convertible flip case but still can decide if i should get the one with or without the belt clip.

    I usally wear the phone in the pocket so my first thought was to go for the version without a belt clip. Ive also seen the bad reviews regarding the bulky clip but how is it when the clip is removed?

    But what if i get the one with a clip?
    I know i can remove the clip whenever i dont need it but how about that knob thats left on the back of the case, is it annoying?

    So, basicly im willing to give the clip a chance but if the attach knob is to big i wont buy it since i would like to keep the phone in my pocket as well. So please help me decide what do get.

    The reason i havent bought the clipless version yet is that im hoping the clip can be replaced/modified so that i can use it as a car holder, clipping it into my dash holder. Would be possible right?

    Anyone got any photos of the case with the clip removed?

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    BTTT, cmon somemone must know.
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    Well it is all a matter of personal taste, but I use the Belkin Flip Case . You can remove the clip piece that attaches to your belt and all that is left is the nub on that back of the case. I love the case and do not feel that the presence of the nub makes putting the Treo in a pocket uncomfortable.
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    Many thanks for your replay.

    I checked the pic on Belkins website and noticed it got some kind of plastic that covers the screen, can this be trimmed away or does the case "fall appart" if i do that?

    Just dont like the idead with plastic infront of the screen (180g)

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    I picked up a case (?) at Staples. Leather w/spring belt clip. It features a loop that goes 'round the antenna and snaps on the back of the case. It does not have a front cover in the sense that the "flip" portion is protected. The only thing that holds the Treo "in the case" is small clear vinyl material covering the keyboard.

    I haven't tried it yet .. but since the spring clip is remove-able .. leaving the plastic nub .. I should be able to afix a different spring type clip .. say on my dashboard to mount the Treo.

    My concern?? .. is that the Treo will swing on the dash??

    Any comments?? Anyone installed a clip on your dashboard .. any excessive swinging?
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    i have the belkins flip case and really like it i did not have any problem cutting the plastic around the screen did not like it with the screen protector. it really is a great case works very well with the treo.

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    Does the Belkin flip case work with the Treo 300?
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    The case has enough room that the 300 should fit fine. If you use without the clip, the circle nub works in the MINORITY of other clips out there. I've broke a couple trying to force it in. The Belkin case is the best i've found, and I'm always looking.

    BTW- I found at Circuit City a Belkin vent mount bracket. It is pretty much like the other vent mounts, BUT it can handle the treo in multiple ways. It comes with a thin magnetic piece that sticks perfectly on the treo. The Treo is usable this way with or without the flip case, depending on your mood that day. I like the magnetic flat attachment, and the whole thing is sturdy and makes the Treo usable in the car. The vent clip holder is $15 and worth it. It also works if you use a circle knob (as the belkin case uses)

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