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    I just got a used Treo 270 today. With my Visorphone I could connect to an ISP, but this Treo with the same settings always gives me a connection timed out error, 0x1231? Is it broken? Phone seems to work but can't connect to internet. If it is broken can I get a replacement? The guy I bought it from said it's still within manufacturer's warranty but did not have a receipt. Am I screwed? Thanks
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    Who is the carrier? Did your treo come with the cd-rom? If so you can run "configure your treo" and it will set up your internet network settings depending on the SIM card inserted.
    I wouldn't say it's broken there are factors that would give you the time out error.
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    The Treo 270 will try to self configure based on the GPRS settings for T-Mobile. This happens about 30 secs after you turn on wireless mode for the first time. You should go to your net prefs that migrated from the Visor and select the one you used to use on the Visor.

    There is nothing wrong with the Treo - swapping it wont make any difference. You are probably just trying to connect using the built-in GPRS settings rather than the CSD settings to get to your ISP. If you are using the old backdoor into T-Mobiles ISDN settings that may be another matter - I dont know if it still works.

    Some more general advice here:
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    My carrier is T-mobile. No I did not get the cd. But I am no stranger to configuring dial-up accounts. I've selected username, password and phone number for two different ISP's that I could connect to with my visorphone. (pda friendly) and get the same thing everytime Took the sim directly out of my visorphone but cannot try on Visorphone anymore because I broke the antennae off. You guys have never heard of this?

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