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    Since the Treo series was released, I have owned a 180, three 270's and four 300's. One of those was for my wife, but the rest have been replacement units for various flaws and problems, all well covered ground in these groups. However, I was thrilled by the Treo's technology and it's "swiss army knife" approach to the PDA/Phone, and have been a loyal and mostly happy user all these many months.

    My biggest complaint about the Treo (s) has been the screen display. I always wanted better and brighter resolution, and that's why I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Palm Tungsten W for about a month now. The "W's" phone integration has been widely discussed (and perhaps rightfully dissed) in newsgroups everywhere. I think Palm's attempt at the phone capability was less than desirable, but I was still willing to pop the earphone in my ear if the screen was as good as the buzz said it was.

    My wife and I went to Comp USA this afternoon here in Los Angeles, ready to compare my Treo 300 with the Tunsten W. The "W's" were not on display yet, but we were able to convince the manager to let us play with one of the newly unpacked units.

    The first thing we noticed was that the "W" seemed significantly larger than the Treo - however most if that size was taken up by an ample screen - a good sign for me. It also felt solid, albeit a bit plastic-y. So we turned it on while in its charger, to make sure that the screen would light up in all it's glory, and...

    The Treo was brighter. I swear, I was shocked. The "W" screen was larger, and you could tell the resolution was a little crisper, but the "W" display had a dull grey cast to it. I found the brightness button and made the screen as bright as can be - but the Treo was still brighter.

    So that was the deal breaker for me. The Treo does everything else so well, it was a no-brainer to walk away convinced that I still had the best PDA/Phone available. I'd still love for Handspring to upgrade the unit with a better screen, expansion slot, voice recorder...etc. But after seeing the "W" I'm glad to have the Treo 300!

    Larry Z.
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    Might there have been a plastic protector on the "W" screen? I know that my Treo arrived with one on it that was definitely not designed for clarity.

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    Originally posted by gmaugham
    Might there have been a plastic protector on the "W" screen? I know that my Treo arrived with one on it that was definitely not designed for clarity.

    That's a good question, Geoffrey. The protector on the Treo covered the plastic flip cover/earpiece on both sides. Since the "W" had no flip cover, I checked out the screen for any kind of protector (which might also have interfered with the stylus operation.) If there was one (and there might have been) it had been removed by the time I got to play with it. Like I said, I was a little surprised that the screen wasn't brighter...go figure!

    Larry Z.
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    The dull screen is probably a contributing factor to the Dubya's supposed 10 hours of talk time. Hard to believe Palm has stooped to naming their PDA's after presidents.
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    Well, the TW uses a reflective screen. Nobody knows for sure what the Treo uses but I've read in a couple of places that it may be a Transflective screen. Still, brightness isn't everything. Other important factors are color saturation and resolution. I'd imagine that the color saturation is probably a toss-up between the two, though it's possible that the Treo may win out there. But of course the resolution is significantly better on the TW. Personally, I'd happily take the TW's screen on my Treo. What I can't do, however, is take the TW as a whole over my Treo because of the high price, poor phone integration, GSM network (poor in my area), and lack of an affordable unlimited data plan (probably the biggest negative for me).

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    From what I understand the T|W has the same screen as the Tungsten T which is a reflective TFT screen as Scott said. Thus you should be able to look at the T|T to see what the T|W screen will look like (some one correst me if I'm wrong). Also the T|W has a 320x320 resolution compared to the 160x160 resolution on the Treo which accounts for the "crisp" screen you were talking about. However, I think the biggest advantage of the T|W's screen would be its readability in outdoor light for which the T300 is atrocious. That is a major advantage towards the T|W IMO...

    Lastly, the larger size of the T|W is significantly the result of the 1500mAh battery that delivers over 10 hours of talk time. This is the largest capacity battery offered on any Palm OS handheld or Smartphone to date. I certainly hope HS uses a similar battery in theri future products...
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    Was the backlight on on the Tungsten?
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    Originally posted by SammyTerry
    Was the backlight on on the Tungsten?
    Yes, the backlight was turned on and ramped up to it's strongest setting.

    To continue my story, my wife decided to buy a Tungsten W (probably to keep me from yabbering about it) and I've played with it extensively over the past couple of days. The screen isn't as bad as I first thought, however you must tilt it to get the full brightness. I'd now rate the screens as about even - with the brightness going to Treo and the resolution to "W".

    I still prefer my Treo, however, after fully testing the "W". I like the 50/50 split between PDA and Phone funtions of the Treo rather than the 70/30 split favoring PDA on the Tungsten. It does have some strong points - but I'm still partial to the Treo.


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