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    Are there any digital cameras out there with infrared which could beam a JPEG to the Treo? I know that SnapperMail (or perhaps it's JPEGWatchLite) allows for beaming of JPEGs from a laptop, so I was wondering if there were any cameras out there that could do this.

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    My kodak dc240 (kinda old) has an IR tranmitter behind the viewscreen. Supposed to be able to transmit photos - never tried it though.
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    Well, how would you like to try it out dannoz old buddy?

    Here's what prompted this thought:

    I'm a web developer and programmer. One of my pet projects is a content management system where the user can easily create content for their web site. One of the things I've wanted to do is take my interests in gadgets and actually set up my own geek web site. I was thinking about the geek site editors who stroll the halls of CES to report on the latest gadgets. Armed with a Treo 300 and an IR-capable digital camera, they could snap some shots, write up a news blurb, and create an article on the spot. Thanks to the Treo's lack of memory expansion, the only way this might be possible is if an IR-capable camera could transmit images to the Treo.

    dannoz, if you're willing, just download the demo to SnapperMail (assuming you don't already use it) which comes with JPEGWatchLite and try beaming an image to your Treo.

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    I installed the version of jpegwatch which came w/ snappermail - it is a "light" version. I don't believe it supports IR transfers. Unless I'm missing something.

    Also... when I got this camera 4-5 years ago I thought I read about transfering images over IR... can't find reference to it now though.
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    I'm running a thread very similar to this here....

    an idea was the casio wrist camera which uses IR and can beam to palm, also theres the Nokia 9210 camera (by eyeQ) which has IR. not sure if it would work but its a possibility.

    Keep me up to speed cause i'm looking for very similar...

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    Wow, you started that thread just about 12 hours before mine. Spooky.

    dannoz, I can't speak for JPEGWatchLite when run by itself, but my hope would be that if you just point your camera at the Treo and tell it to start beaming, the Treo will want to accept the file. It would then check to see if it understands the format and JPEGWatchLite (hopefully) would have "registered" itself to handle that format.

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    I succesfully accepted jpeg photos from Nokia 7650 to Treo using Snappermail's jpeg application.

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    Good stuff. But that seems a bit redundant, no? Two phones?

    dannoz, have you had any luck? Thanks,

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    Unfortunatly no... perhaps my memory was misleading me (bought the camera in `98)

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    Has anyone tried using the 9210 camera by eyeQ to beam over?

    i've read it uses the Ir-TRAN-P protocol? anyone know what the treo uses?

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