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    Can anyone tell me how to or who to pay in order to unlock a Rogers AT&T phone purchased in Canada. I am moving to the US want to take it with me to use with a new sim or sell it on ebay at the best possible price.

    I would really appreciate it!


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    This is a guess - haven't tested it!!!

    Did you upload the GPRS patch before it was official? Anyway, in that process, there was a step where you had to overwrite a file that contained the network name. Why not try that? Go through the GPRS discussion board to get the instructions.

    I am not sure if that will work but worth a try.

    Good luck.

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    All Treos sold in Canada have been locked by Rogers AT&T. In order to have the Treo unlocked, Rogers charges a fee of, (are you sitting down?) $240.00CDN. You can get it unlocked at any Rogers AT&T retail outlet that has a service department.
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    In the unofficial GPRS upgrade notes, there are instructions on wiping out the memory on the Treo, involving either running the battery completely dead or disconnecting it.
    Removing the SIM card and disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes should erase any information that Rogers AT&T loaded into the device. It may also erase the GPRS driver. If that happens, reload it using the unofficial GPRS upgrade directions, with the SIM card from the new carrier installed.

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