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    Well after 3 replacements my present Treo 180 has bit the dust and they will no longer replace it as the original warranty is up. I've had the replacement less than three months! I will never, ever buy another Handspring product.

    I want to say that I've really enjoyed my stay here at Treo Central. It's an awesome website and great resource. The commaradrie has been second to none. I'm really not sure where to go now. I migrated from the PocketPC to the Treo because of my desire for a convergent device. Any advice... I'm really hooked on the keyboard and not sure about migrating to a grafitti device. I'll hang around for any responses and then drop by from time to time.



    P.S. The problem this time...? It just froze and wouldn't even hard reset.
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    Thanks for providing me more reason to buy that extended warranty

    Too bad on the Treo, good luck with your new device!!
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    I am also a pastor in Brevard County. But my Treo is still working. If or when my Teo dies I think I am going to go back to my HandEra 330, put a bluetooth SD card in it, get a bluetooth phone and get one of those bluetooth ear things. It will be hands free without the wire, I will have a bigger screen that is high res., I will be able to add memory, use a keyboard and I will still just interact with one device. The phone will be in my pocket, but I will not use it.

    God Bless, I wish you well.

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    Hi There,

    I have just returned my Treo 270 for the 4th time. Backlight has gone bang. I was wondering if anybody out there knows of a good alternative device. The Kyocera 7135 looks promising, but it looks like it is CDMA only. Any GSM alternatives available, or on the horizon?

    The Tungstun W has a big problem, in that I don't want to carry around an earpiece to answer the phone.

    As the above poster suggested with two devices, it is an option, but not one that suits me that well. You still need to carry around two devices.


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