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    thinking of buying a 270...

    current plan from cingular gives me unlimited text messaging and web acess (plan is 2+ years old)

    I was told by cingular rep that this plan would be grandfathered if I select a phone that is tri mode (GAIT) and/or non GSM phone

    My idea was that I could get one of the new phones, buy an unlocked treo and swap SIm cards and voila a treo with unlimited text and web acess

    Would much appreciate it if some one could comment on feasability, I only want to do this if it is legal and has a high chance of sucess

    Thanks in advance.
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    Can someone move this to trouble shooting, perhaps I would get a reply there?
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    ...that you'll have no problem getting unlimited SMS from that SIM...but that the internet access will be an issue. The Treo needs full internet access...the internet access on most phones is WAP or text-only or otherwise limited. If your SIM is programmed with internet meant for a different phone, the Treo will likely not be able to use that level of internet access, and you'll have to sign up for a higher level of internet access.

    My carrier is T-Mobile, and they a few different internet access plans...the cheapest (t-zones) are for regular phones...there are a lot of posts on this board about people unsuccessfully trying to get the Treo to work with a t-zones plan. Treo users have to sign up for a T-Mobile Internet plan(i use the 10 MB for $20), which works with PDAs, smartphones and network cards...

    Then again, I'm not familiar with the Cingular internet plans, things may be different there... might be worth a shot for you to try it, but definitely don't count on the internet working properly.
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    I don't believe you will have an issue with the old SIM. I'm using a similar old plan with Cingular and a VisorPhone (not using Blazer browser because Xino (spelling??) works on more secure sites and is all around better-IMO. The only problem is the slow modem with GSM. My new TREO is on order and I can validate this next week if everything works the same. I have also been able to access the internet with the old SIM in a Sony-Ericsson T68i as well. I won't get the GPRS data plan until the pricing goes down. Big Rip-Off now!

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for the replies Burrzoo, clogoodie

    I am still pondering whether I should hold out for the next handspring which will hopefully be out in mid 2003

    My IT guy at work has confounded matters by informing me that they are considering offering a balckberry 6510 not sure I want that !!!

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    my comments about Internet access were in regards to using a GPRS plan, as I assumed this is what you had meant by 'web access' in your original plan. You'll definitely able to use CSD (dial-up), though it is treated as a call, and subtracted from your voice minutes.

    I'd recommend purchasing a 270...there will always be something better and more advanced on the horizon... But I don't see any current products, nor any announced products that do what the Treo does, in a similar form factor, with a keyboard. Keep in mind that there has been no official announcement of a new Treo...and the chances of it being out in mid-2003 (thats only 2 months away!) are pretty slim.

    If you can get the 270 for a cheap price (like $200, as Amazon is currently offering with T-Mobile service), jump on it. I'm ordering one for a friend this week.
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    I will start by stating that I use SprintPCS with the TREO 300. I have been very frustrated by the SMS situation.

    I have just set my spouse up with a Cingular Wireless account. We chose a SonyEricsson T62u. It is a TDMA/GSM/AMPS phone, what Cingular calls GAIT.

    I had thought that this phone, a "universal" phone, would allow me to begin a full transition to GSM. If everything worked as I hoped, I would be able to get a T68i or Treo 270 and have great flexibility.

    I called Cingular and got the bad news. According to Cingular...

    Cingular uses different SIM chips in different markets. In my market they use a "GAIT' SIM. It is a good chip, but will not work in a pure GSM phone.

    Ideally, the SIM chip from my phone would work, but only as GSM.

    Apparently, as Cingular updates it's network, a different network technology is being installed. The tech used the term DCS.

    The DCS is an overlay to GSM, fully supports GSM and GPRS. I was told that DCS is fully operational in North and South Carolina and is slowly being expanded nationwide.

    The SIM chips for DCS allow transparent tranfer from one phone to another and will apparently in any GAIT or GSM phone.

    The DCS SIM will apparently work anywhere on the network, now.

    Cingular is not ready to support DCS with local area codes yet.

    So I am stuck.

    If anyone has better information, I would love to hear it.

    I just want to be able to transfer to SIM techonology so my account is not permanently linked to a particular phone.

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