Hi All,

okay, after searching around a bit I found the final solution to get all Exchange Active Sync access working again as my device was blocked. Just a one line tweak/patch required:

Within: /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services
Edit: com.palm.eas.service (make a backup before of course :-))

Change line:
Exec=/usr/bin/mojomail-eas -c '{"log":{"appender":{"type":"pmlog"},"levels":{"com.palm.eas":"info"}}}' Palm Palm/1.0.1

to look like:
Exec=/usr/bin/mojomail-eas -c '{"log":{"appender":{"type":"pmlog"},"levels":{"com.palm.eas":"info"}}}' "Android" "Android/4.0.4-EAS-1.3"

Save file, reboot and you are done! (Maybe someone implements an official patch for this?!?)

Happy continued phone usage!

(Previous description in post is NOT needed...)