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    I got a replacement Treo from Handspring (my speaker died) and I'm trying to transfer the contents from the old to the new. Before hitting the sync button, I customize the Hotsync Manager so that "Handheld overwrites Desktop" everywhere I can. Then I sync; it completes quickly.

    Then I connect up the new Treo. I change the settings to "Desktop overwrites Handheld", and sync. The hotsync manager says "Restoring databases", then "Addressbook", then "Memo Pad". It stays syncing the Memo Pad for ten hours. Eventually I end-task it.

    OK, so I tell the hotsync manager not to sync the memo pad, and resync. Now the sync completes, but many of my apps are missing. Vindigo, Eudora... where are they? Sure enough, when I look in the Handspring/tlau/Backup folder, there's only about 2MB of content there. I expect there to be about 8MB, given that my Treo is about half full. Particularly, there is no Vindigo.PRC; several other PRCs are also missing.

    How do I do a full backup/restore? I would hate to have to reinstall all of these applications from scratch.

    I have Palm Desktop 4.0.1 and HotSync Manager 3.1.2H.

    (I would normally be doing this on Linux, but the Linux/Treo usb connection dies partway through the sync.)
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    Check this out:

    Personally, I've been a user of backupbuddy for about 4 years. I've never had any trouble with it.
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    Yep, I just heard back from Handspring support saying that their Hotsync software doesn't back up third-party applications.

    I actually got my Treo syncing with Linux via serial, so I'm happy. Pilot-link backs up and restores all applications by default.
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    You do not NEED Backup Buddy to back up third party apps.

    If you download and install FileZ, ( available on Palm Gear's web site, you can set the Backup bit on almost any third party application, and it will be backed up by Hotsync Manager.

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