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    FYI ... don't know how long this will last .. but at a BestBuy the other nite .. picked up the car charger for .. $2.99 (Handspring packaging) .. says it was a clearance item.

    I couldn't believe it .. had to ask 2 different sales persons if the "tag" was correct. 1 of them, scanned it to verify the price!

    Unfortunately they only had 1 (but I did grab it) .. now I can have a car charger in 2 cars w/o having to move it each time.

    hmmm .. maybe thats why BestBuy stopped advertising their big discount for the Treo 300?? They're not going to carry that particular Sprint phone??
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    Thanks for the deal! Didn't spend enough time in the car to justify the $29.99 price. . . but for $2.99, i couldn't refuse.

    What a coincidence, the ad showing on the top while i type this is for the car charger from pda pro shop. They're charging $19.99.
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    Thanks inqui-Z-tor. Picked up two at my local Best Buy. Thought about buying them all and heading to EBay.
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    I just called Best Buy and they told me they do not sell them. Do you know if any more are around?
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    Sorry ..

    There are .. maybe 3 BBs in my general area. Each seems to stock different items .. particularly w/respect to the Treo. Only 1 store had the car charger.

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