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    Tomorrow marks ten years that I've had my account, which started on treocentral, what seems like a lifetime ago.

    My avatar has always been a picture of my neighbors cat, one of the first photos I took with any phone, my Treo 650 which was a new upgrade from a Kyocera 6035. Over time much has changed. That cat has passed on, members of the community have come and gone, PalmOS gave way to webOS which itself has gone though many changes in fortune during its short lifetime.....

    But what hasn't change is the spirit of this community. It is hard to put in words how unique it all is...but whenever I've needed help or advice, from customizing the startup screen on my Treo 755p or adding wifi to my Sprint Pixi...there were members of this community eager to explain, teach, and share.

    For all of this, over all these years, I am grateful.
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    I joined TreoCentral back after I bought the Treo 270. I wholeheartedly agree: This is a great place to hang.
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    Happy Birthday, you youngsters...
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