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    New Google Maps, now with an emphasis on uselessness...

    So i went to look something up, and woah! ..with this redesign, it seems like they've forgotten all about readability, making lakes and streams unnecessarily vivid while lowering contrast between streets and the surrounding areas.

    I appreciate their use of better fonts as of recently, however the legibility problem doesn't end there. The new smaller, more colorful map markers make a lot less sense than the larger, monochrome icons used in the past to mark businesses and public parks.

    They can do what they want, it's their company, but their "artistic rendition" is a real downgrade IMHO

    Anyone here feel the same way?

    After some searching, i found a screenshot to illustrate the difference..

    Old icons and color palette:
    New style:
    source: (
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    arent they in a redesigning phase atm, even their website appstore has had a revamp as well, cant say i liked that either, makes things needlessly large, starting to look a little windows8/xbox ish.
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    Now i marvel at the fact that 72ka's Maps on the Pre still shows the old maps with new fonts... best of both worlds... i wonder how long it's gonna last

    Perhaps phone vs laptop screen pixel depth (dpi) has something to do with the difference...

    If i have to, i'll pull down several square miles worth at the most useful zoom level, better safe than sorry
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    it's part of the rampant style obsolescence .
    Look at Bing Maps, Nokia Maps they all look "newer" then old gmaps even if they have no better function.

    When i look at my papermaps, they look essentially still the same as 20years ago and they know why as they designed them for decades.

    Well other examples for that style obsolescence is nice to see on the different windows versions flat - shadows - 3D - flat again
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