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    In my speed dial I wish to incorporate a string of responses that are timed to send after a certain pause. Two examples why you want to do that
    1. a private voice mail system that you call, wait for an answer (the pause ), send a "#" then my extension followed by my password.
    2. a dialing card where you first call a number wait for an answer(pause) then send the account billing data followed by a "#"

    I used to be able to do this on my cell phone and would expect to program the Treo (it's much smarter).
    I've asked a number of folks and have come up with no answers (although each agreed it would be a nice trick)
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    Have you tried to use commas (,) for pauses?--I think that the Treo supports them.
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    When you edit your speed dial buttons, there is a field called Extra Digits, which allows you to add an extension number, a PIN, or any additional numbers needed after a call is connected. Commas can be used to add pauses between entries. If you define extra digits, an "Extra Digits" button will appear whenever you speed dial this number. Just tap the button after you are prompted by you voice mail system, audio response system, or whatever it is you are trying to access.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks folks --- the extra digits does the trick.

    Although it isn't as automatic as my cell phone (all i had to do was hit speed dial and it did the rest without haveing to press extra digits) two taps is better than 12
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