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    Everyone knows that you can toggle an alarm flag for items in Datebook.

    However, I think the #1 ultimate software change that could be made for Treos would be the addition of a "Ringer Silence" tag. Basically, you should be able to chose to silence your ringer during scheduled apointments.

    For instance I could put my school schedule or business meetings in Datebook and have the phone automatically silence during the event and re-enable the ringer afterwards.

    If I have simply missed a feature somewhere or some software/hack out there that does this - PLEASE POINT ME TO IT!

    If not, I would truly appreciate someone writing such software. I, and I would guess others, would gladly purchase such functionality.
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    Why not use Treo tools and program your phone to turn off during those times?
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    The last time I used treotools - it only let me schedule one period to control the state of the phone, as my schedule changes on a daily basis this did not serve me very well.

    Is there a newer version out that addresses that and lets you schedule multiple start and stop times?


    </me> off to download the latest version
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    I do not see an app like this appearing any time soon. Even if Treotools did support multiple start/end times, it would seem so tedious to enter them on a daily basis. Why not just get into the habit of sliding the ringer switch over to silence when you enter a meeting, and sliding it back when you are done?
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    dannoz, Appleman's suggestion is probably your best bet. I do want to commend you on your idea, however. I'm a usability fanatic and I love to see people think outside the box. The Palm OS was originally designed by Jeff Hawkins (of Handspring now) to be a great PIM device. His original design assumed a disconnected state. What you want could easily be accomplished by modifying the DateBook application to allow for a new checkbox for each appointment for whether or not to silence the alarm during that time period. Of course, they would want to have a preferences setting for how you want this to default (many/most people would probably NOT want to have their ringer silenced during appointments, while others like yourself might want it to default to silence). Aside from the default setting, one should be able to toggle it specific to each appointment as well. Ideally, it might also be good to have this linked in some way to the phone book so that you could, for example, have all calls coming from your wife override this setting and ring.

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    Scott R,

    Thats exactly what I had in mind, except for the wife over-ride feature (which was an idea which didn't occur to me immediately but I would DEFINETLY support its inclusion)

    Thus far I've yet to have my phone go off inadvertently due to my habbit of turning it off before class and upon entering a restaurant or theater (2 big pet peeves).

    As you suggested, a check box selecting ringer state was what I was thinking. It would be a simple thing to turn set for appointments (ie: class) when you don't want the phone to go off.

    If Handspring does indeed remain a viable entity and releases another product, I would love to see such a feature encorporated.

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