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    On my way to the GPRS update I have stumbled upon a weird and possibly good find for those in need of more precious memory.

    I always thought that if you had another program like: Supernames or Teal or numerous others you had to have basically 2 sets of records. One in the original "contacts" the other in whatever after market contact app you chose. Well now I guess not.

    Heres what happend.

    270 treo

    1) Decided to switch to HotSyncing with Outlook
    (mines 1997 office pkg)

    2) Wanted more fields other than the 4 user defined in "contacts"

    3) Decided to purchase KeyContacts

    4) went with the defaults pretty much, but selected "do nothing" on the outlook sync screen on the HotSync Custom Tab.

    5) Upgraded to GPRS1.0 "Asian" (didn't know what to pick)

    6) Upgraded and Sync'd and noted when I pushed my phone button and cycled through there were no contacts for that tab -not even one!

    Well this kind of scared me until I checked my key contacts and, Hey! They're all there!

    It updates both to and from my 270 and I have an extra 500k+ of space.


    Caller Id: has no records other than your call log to idetify the caller, your not calling from the "contacts" list so it's not building either

    Contacts: unless your using "key contacts" as your dialer or say tapdial from your app manager, or another dialer, this might prove annoying.

    This is new info and I haven't spent too much time exploring it or other dialers that much, but wanted to pass it on for your info and comments. Still debating on syncing the contacts or choosing a different dialer that might use my contacts from keycontacts.

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    does anyone know if KeyContacts just uses the sync conduits which are already setup in Hotsync Manager . . in my case to a third part app called Time & Chaos.

    I would like to try KeyContacts to get these additional fields but its no use to me if it only syncs with Outlook or PDT (neither of which I use). I am hoping it will just use whatever conduits are setup? Anyone know?
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    I think it uses its' own conduits.

    Supernames might get you where you want.

    I am pretty sure -though new to KeyContacts- that it will only sync with outlook. Besides you wouln't be able to see the extra fields unless it did.

    Supernames on the other hand states it puts your extra fields in the notes section, which might accomplish your goal.

    See this review in pdalive
    "...Additional fields are unlimited and viewable in the notes field in any other address book program, or on the desktop. These fields can include company department, family members, web sites, additional phone numbers, emails, and important dates......"

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