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    Happy webOS Bday although I've been using it just for a little over half of it age...
    Have a buddy that switched to win phone that had pre- and showed it to me(that what made me pick up one) and he just told me few days ago same thing we all know that webOS had and still have cool features that other platforms struggle to have/trying to copy
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    I'm gonna hop on the way-back machine too. Because honestly, the video at the end of this post had me more excited for smart phones any consumer technology ever than I had been in years. Before watching, read this and consider that at the time...

    Windows Phone was still Windows Mobile! Microsoft was still hobbling along with v6.1, filling in the gap with v6.5. The transition to Windows Phone 7 still wouldn't be announced until mid 2010! Though they had spackled the heck out of it and some nice HTC Launchers helped, this was still essentially WindowsCE. It felt like a stripped down pocket version of Windows 95 (okay, XP at this point) with a resistive touch screen. Hackable? Sure. Pretty? Not so much.

    And I say that with all the love in the world as this was my OS of choice, unimpressed by the other options like...

    Android which was still on Donut (v1.6)! WVGA support was realized, but still far from the Froyo optimizations and ICS revamp. Interface struggling a bit. IMHO, it felt like Windows Mobile, but with a capacitive touch screen and a better, WebKit browser. Android was still clawing up the ranks and considered a niche device for geeks. The leverage of "open source" and the DROID marketing boost hadn't taken hold yet.

    iOS and the iPhone were still all the rage. The iPhone was trucking with iOS 2.0 when the Pre was demoed, though 3.0 would come rolling out by the time the Pre saw daylight. While 2.0 brought the App Store which would quickly explode, 3.0 was roaring in to add fantastic novelty features such as Copy/Paste and MMS messaging. Of course notifications were still modal, any illusion of multitasking still fundamentally unsupported, and Apple took their shots to stop the jailbreaking community with every release.

    BlackBerry OS and Symbian were also probably doing something. I dunno, were those the Storm days? A crippled attempt to tack a touch screen onto a touchless OS, just as Nokia was doing with Symbian and their new touch phones. At any rate, both RIM and Nokia were still putting out fantastic hardware with major battery life while pioneering great new features. But both were in a similar boat as Windows Mobile in that their old Java-phone-esque roots were losing their shine and fast. Web 2.0 was fundamentally lost on them. Nokia's embrace of Windows Phone and RIM's announcement of BB10 were still a couple years away.

    And in the midst of all that, along came the belle of the CES 2009 ball: The Palm Pre running webOS! webOS matched the best OS features anyone had ever offered while shifting the touch-based UX paradigm with true Cards multitasking and intuitive, thumb-based gestures. More than that, a new Web 2.0-friendly, multi-sourced contact integration system called Synergy baked into its very core. Further, done with the dumb App Drawer and modal popups, webOS brought in unassuming and interactive Dashboard notifications. These few features alone would send ripples through the mobile community from the day it was announced with some still working to integrate these innovations 4 years later!

    ... now live it again for the first time!
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    Only 4 and already in hospice.

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    Remove Messaging Beeps patch for webOS 3.0.5, Left/Right bezel gestures in LunaCE,
    Whazaa! Messenger and node-wa, SynerGV 1 and 2 - Google Voice integration, XO - Subsonic Commander media streamer, AB:S Launcher
    (1:39:33 PM) halfhalo: Android multitasking is like sticking your fingers into a blender
    People asked me for a donate link for my non-catalog work, so here you are:
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    Best Regards...
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    Happy Birthday webOS! I still use you daily on my Touchpad. You will never be forgotten!
    Proud owner of a 16GB HP Touchpad since 10/26/2011!
    Proud PALM user since the Palm III in 2002
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    Sorry I missed this thread but I don't make it around these parts much these days. . Happy belated birthday webOS.
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