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    I am considering turning in my Palm Vx with Minsrel Modem for a TREO.

    I am considering the 270 and 300, but I'm unsure of the coverage.

    I currently have an AT&T phone and it's not bad, but it's not good. I've heard Cingular and T-Mobile are OK, and heard nothing good about Sprint.

    Anyone have a TREO in the Monmouth Country area of New Jersey that may have any recommendations?

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    I live in Ocean County and have a Treo 270 w/T-Mobile. The coverage is great and their service is also great. I highly recommend it. Good luck.
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    i have a treo for over a year on t mobile in monmouth county travel daily into philadelphia and it works great

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    I have had a Treo 180 on T-Mobile in Western Monmouth. Coverage is OK. It is no where near as good as Verizon. Many places I go I have to turn the phone off then on to try and reconnect to the network. My wife and I can be sitting next to each other and I have to borrow her Verizon phone to make a call. For my commute up Rt9 into Middlesex County it is fine.

    I like my Treo and would not trade for the better Verizon coverage. If you need it to work everywhere, T-Mo is not the answer.

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