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    have found a great new website for our communicator format

    personalize it for your own zip code and it gives a world of infomation and then some

    would love to hear some opinions
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    Looks like a great site! I've bookmarked it.


    - Rich
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    Nice! Thanks!
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    thanks great find

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    They have another address just for Palms. I'm not really sure how they differ other than the background color and a frame.
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    Hmm... Looks like a new name for MyMobileStuff. Note that and go to the same place... and the copyright is still MyMobileStuff, Inc.
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    Sorry for self-promoting, but I think that this is a cool site as well:

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    Nice list of Treo-friendly sites m00se. I've been looking for a site like that!
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    anybody know of anymore? these things are great, and they fly with gprs!

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