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    One thing that I would like to do with my Treo is use at as a carrier for PC files. I have 2 PC's, one at work and one at home, and I'd like to take files back and forth. I don't always have floppies around, but I always have my treo. My question is this: Is there a way to upload PC files to the Treo, and then download them to a PC? In other words, can the Treo act as a temporary PC file carrier?


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    ZboxZ does that sorta thing. But it would require you to have Palm Desktop installed on the destination machine as well.

    We're in Treo General Chat so I don't know if you are referring to the Treo 90 or not, which has an SD slot. That should handle regular files just fine by copying them back and forth.

    For other Treos you'd need some way to package files on the device and then unpackage them. With ZboxZ you install a set of applications on the device to allow you to work with zip files etc, and the desktop conduit primarily works by having an ToBox and an Unboxed directory. Things you drag to the ToBox will get sent to the Palm. To be honest I don't remember how things come back off, I thought I'd remember when I started writing this but my memory is blank.

    Ehhh forgot about this message Though I am actually impressed with HandWatch's HandZipper Lite. I got it with the trial version of SnapperMail, and though I don't use SnapperMail I still really like HandZipper Lite.

    It's all set up through the exchange manager. So if you have a way on your PC to beam to/from, it will handle the Palm side of it nicely. So in that scenario you simply zip something up and beam it to the Treo, then use HandZipper Lite to beam it back to another PC. Incidentally, HandZipper Lite does provide a way to zip+mail something, and interestingly it uses the Exchange Manager for that stuff. I noticed in Palm Mail 4.0 it has some exchange stuff which I may have to merge into the Mail 3.1 I've been toying with.

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