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    When I write a new SMS message . . . . . how do I remove the names of one or more people from the otherwise helpful little droplist that offers me the names of people I have already sent SMS messages to? I need to hide my tracks now and then . . . . . .
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    if u r referring to treo300sms by pdaapps the option is in the menu.

    ps just remember whatever u send someone else can keep a record on their side. playa
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    I think he's referring to the built-in SMS app.

    You can delete the file SMS Quicklist.pdb (on your handheld and any backup on your computer) and it will clear the list out.
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    Thanks Fleischner. I actually discovered that only 5 minutes ago! Just before reading your post. Thanks for your help though . . . . I was hoping to just remove 1 person from the list rather than reset to zero. I dont suppose there is a reliable method for editing the *.pdb files? Changing them to *txt files lets me see the content but I am sure they will be formatted in some special way so i dont want to mess around too much.
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    There may be some app for that, but I'm on a Mac and I've never seen a Mac version of an editor. There may be something for PCs.

    I opened that file up in SimpleText just to see, and it's full of scary characters that I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot stylus.

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