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    I dont know what I did... It doesnt appear to be related to anything I installed. But when I hit the blue key + the one with the picture of the home key at the same time - This used to reset my screen to the main launcher screen. Now I get a very odd screen which shows my applications all jumbled, with an odd time and battery meter on the bottom of the screen.

    None of my hacks are on during this. Can someone help me fix this back?
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    That is the original launcher that came with ancient Palm OSs. You revert to it when you remove a program that has taken over the "home" key without telling it to relinquish it. To solve the problem simply install a launcher that allows itself to be hooked up to the home key. Then turn that feature off. Remove the launcher, and all should be as normal.
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    Hi Kurt,

    Could you please give me an example of how to do this exactly? Im having trouble knowing which launcher to install. and how to go about the process you described.
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    I figured it out, thanks Kurt. They really should fix that...
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    Originally posted by brion1234

    I figured it out, thanks Kurt. They really should fix that...
    Yeah, but if you read carefullly, whatever program you uninstalled to cause the problem probably said to unselect the "make default launcher" option before uninstalling it. Anyway, no data is lost. All should be good.

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