I see some articles that call the Treo "plagued" with quality issues. I then see other articles calling the Treo the greatest thing since sliced bread. I also note all the awards the Treo has won and my own experience with HS products which has been excellent. This leads me to think, that many authors may be relying on hearsay and their own personal bias to colorize their articles and reviews. Without a doubt, some people have had terrible experiences, particularly some early adopters. Moreover, I think some people take their Treo's to places where they ought not to expect any mobile device to survive, ie you work in a construction zone in the more remote parts of South America, or somthing like that. (I have to say though if you go somewhere where there exists a strong possibility your gadget will get damaged, do not complain when it does.)

While I am sure some replies will say, "Duh, it's obvious some don't like HS and other writers just do sloppy research" and others will say "Are you nuts? HS products are junk. Their failures are well documented." To the latter, I say produce some documentation outlining comparable return policies and the number of Treo failures and returns compared to other comparable devices. This would at least be a start to justifying the claim, but certainly not the endall be all.

Just some random thoughts.