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    Quote Originally Posted by Ventus221 View Post
    I just...I mean if the bootloader is unlocked, ill be less hostile about it. But hey, HP could have a port of Open WebOS ready to run on this, will a whole slew of workable drivers....Ill call it here.
    all the ports ive heard of suffer primarily from the same thing tho, even if their on a nice open/unlocked device its the gfx drivers (or lack of) that cripple them every single time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekpeter View Post
    their problem is that nothing stands out or is unique or even flashy looking, expensive hardware for what it it, stock android, i mean why wouldnt you get a knockoff chineese import instead?
    Imagine a consumer at Best Buy, or something similar, shopping for a tablet. He/she sees a 7" Android with a pretty Asian model on the box and a name that's unpronounceable to Westerners. Right next to it sits a tablet with the same size screen, same OS, has Beats Audio and has the HP logo on it. Get the picture? I'm not saying this tablet is any better than its Chinese counterpart, I'm just saying that name recognition and an aggressive price point will result in good sales figures.
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