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    From the verge:
    HP building multiple tablets this year: 'we want to be the number one computer vendor' | The Verge

    HP's Slate 7 is just the beginning. The company sees the writing on the wall: if you add in all the iPad sales, Apple not HP is selling the most computers these days. So, faced with declining PC sales and the growing popularity of Apple's slate, HP has decided to build an entire portfolio of tablets, both Android and Windows, to maintain its position in personal computing.


    "HP is the number one PC manufacturer in the world, and we want to be the number one computer vendor in the world. That means we need to be in the tablet space."
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    Yup, HP wants to be like everyone else. It's not as if there are enough Android devices out there, and it's not as if Windows RT isn't selling well. From what I remember, their previous tablets were flops too.
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    devestation via lack of innovation
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